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Ideagen 2030

Future of Work Summit


Gallup World HQ - Washington, DC


Leaders and Luminaries from the World's Leading Companies, NGO's and Public Sector convene to innovate and collaborate at the Ideagen 2030 - Future of Work Summit at Gallup's World Headquarters located in Washington, DC on 10.30.18


Ideagen 2030 - Future of Work Summit


Gallup World Headquarters

901 F St., NW, Washington, DC


8:30-9 Registration/Networking (Presented by Huge)

9-9:10 Opening Remarks: George Sifakis/ Jim Clifton (Gallup)

9:11- 9:26 Power Talk: Andy Miller (AARP)

9:27- 9:37 Power Talk: Christian Lundblad (UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School) 

9:38- 10:08 Power Panel: Working Nation: Jane Oates (Working Nation), Martha Kanter (College Promise Campaign), Maggie Koziol (Deloitte), Steve Lynch (Burning Glass) Jeff Strohl (Georgetown)

10:09- 10:19 Power Talk: Justin Bibb (Gallup) 

10:20- 10:50 Interview and Q & A: George Sifakis/Karen Kerrigan (CEO Small Business and Entrepreneurial council) 

10:51- 11:21 Power Panel: Huge: Dr. Ken Moritsugu (Fmr. US Surg Gen.), Dr. Saralyn Mark (iGiant), Jennifer Taylor (Consumer Tech. Association), Mushtaq Gunja (ACE), Michael Koziol (Huge), Eric Fanning (AIA)

11:22- 11:37 1-v-1 Interview: George Sifakis/Michael Koziol (CEO Huge) 

11:38- 12:08 Power Panel: Idea-gen: George Sifakis, Peter Fatelnig (EU), Ted Zoller (UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School), Sean Callinicos (Cardinal Health), Steve Taylor (Lyft), Kelly Otter (Georgetown), Mike Castellano (Disney)

12:09- 12:19 Power Talk: Greg Brown (Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise) 

12:20- 12:30 Power Talk: Jeff Eggers (McChrystal Group)

12:31- 12:45 Power Chat: Jim Clifton-Dashon Ridley

12:45- 1:30: Networking/ Lunch Reception (Presented by Huge)

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